Nylon 6
It is the most common and known type of polyamide. It is hard, tough, with a good mechanical and impact resistance. It is available in tubes, rods and sheets shape.t is used in mechanical applications and in making profiles, guides, wheels, skids, rolls, pulleys, etc.
PA6 + MoS2
Nylon 6 + MoS2
Molybdenum Disulfide Filled Nylon has improved mechanical properties, dimensional stability, machinability and heating resistance. It is available in tubes, rods and sheets shape.Gears, sliding skids, wheels, rolls, busgings, gear racks.
Nylon 6.6
This material is more easily machinable than PA6 and it has improved capacity of absorption.Mechanical application and gears, bushings, rolls, wheels, washers, spacers.
PA66 + MoS2
Nylon 6.6 + MoS2
This polyamide copolymer presents high viscosity and enhanced mechanical properties, diensional stability. Machinability and temperature resistance thanks to the addition of filler.Bushings, gears, sliding skids, rolls, wheels, gear racks
PA66 + GF
Nylon 66 + 30% glass fibre filled nylon
30% glass fibre filled nylon offers better rigidity, pressure resistance and dimensional stability than PA6. Available in rods, tubes and sheets shapes.Parts subjected to thermal sollecitations, guides and covering in electrotechnical sector.
Cast Nylon
Polyamide obtained by polymerisations; it ofers great mecjanical properties, excellent rigidity and good machinability. The production method allow to obtain large semifinished products. Available in rods, tubes and sheets shape.Guides, rolls, pulleys, skids and large components.
PA6 G + MoS2
Cast Nylon 6 + MoS2
The addition of Molybdenum Disulfide improves wear resistance and reduces coefficient of friction. Colors: charcoal grey. Available as tubes, rods and sheets.Gears, bushings, rolls, wheels, wear-free components.
Cast Nylon + Oil
Special oil filled Nylon, this material has self lubricant properties and high wear resistance. Color: yellow.Available in rods, tubes and sheets shape.
PA 11
Nylon 11
Polyamide of of vegetable origin with excellent mechanical properties, even at low temperatures, with good capacity of absorption. Available in rods, tubes and sheets shapesFlexible tubes and spiral for compressed air. Pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.
Acetal has a great dimensional stability, a high chemical and impact resistance, as well as good toughness and low hygroscopicity. Available in rods, tubes and sheets shapes, it is used in producing mechanical pecision components, bushings and gears, even in presence of water.Pumps rotors, etc.
Material with excellent mechanical features. High dimensional stability and hardness, low coefficient of friction, water repellent, good wear resistance.Guides, busgings and gears subjected to stress. Suitable for food contact.
Virgin PTFE powder filled PET: this material resist to heavy loads and have a lowest coefficient of friction eqaul to 1,1 Um/Km (DIN/ISO 7148-2).Self lubricant components.
Polyethylene 500
High molecular weight PE. Great wear, chemical and abrasion resistance.Suitable for food contact. It is largely used in food indurty. Color: white/naturalProfiles and sliding guides, tables cutting boards and professional tools for food industry.
PE 1000
Ultra High Molecular Weight PE
Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. Great wear, chemical and abrasion resistance.Suitable for food contact. It is largely used in food indurty. Color: white/naturalTextile, paper, glass, packaging and food industry.
Excellent chemical properies, it is irreplaceable in chemical industry. Low specific gravity, it doesn’t absorp moisture. Colors: natural and grey.Chemical and petrolchemical system
Transparent Polycarbonate has a great impact resistance and it is used in making unbreakable rotections. Good electrical resistance.Protections for machineries or for lamps, cords insulators.
It s used in making trasparent sheets thans to its high aesthetic factor. Easily machinable, it can be shaped at will.Available in rods, tubes and sheets shapes, it is used in making sign, forniture, protections, etc.
PTFEVirgin PTFE is the most common fluoropolymer, it is known for its chemical resistance, lowest coeficient of fricyion, great electrical insulation, non stick properties and temperature reistance. Available in rods, tubes, sheets and films shapes.Bushings, valves, dried sliding guides, seals.
PTFE+ glass fibreGlass fibre filled PTFE maintains all chemical and physical properties of Virgin PTFE but the addition of glass filler improves its rigidity and stress resistance.Thrust bearing, seals, mechanical and electrotechnical components.
PTFE+graphiteCarbographite filled PTFE presents improved pressure and wear resistance and enhanced dimensional stability.Suitable for making sliding components and for producing items subjected to heavy load.
PTFE+BRONZEAddition of improves considerably sliding properties of PTFE. It also affect dissipation of heat.Components subjected to high temperatures, absence of lubrication and high speed.
PTFE+CERAMICCeramic filler improves thermal stability, wear and pressure resistance.Bushings, guides, seals, etc.
PVCPVC is largely used for its affordability and good chemical resistance. It can be easily machined or welded wiyh hot air. Low thermal resistance. Colors: Ivory, brey, black, red on demand.Mechanical, chemical and galvanic indutry. Spacers and rolls.
PVDFPVDF is as fluorinated polymer, the same as PTFE. The chemical resistance of these two materials is the same but PVDF has mechanical properties better than PTFE.Chemical and food industry
PEEKIt’s a thermoplastic that can resist up to 260°C with a high creep resistance (slinding stability). High shear and impact strength, among the plastic material, PEEK has the best diensional stability.Parts subjected to wear. Aerospace industry. It can be used to produce chip components.
PPSPolyphenylene Sulfide has great wear resistance, high load capacity, great dimensional stability anc chemical resistance up to 220° C. Available in rods and sheets shapes.It is used in making valves, pumps and probes parts.
Thermoplastic material resistance up to 260° C, highly creep resistant (flowing stability). Very high cutting and impact strenght, great dimensional stability. Available in rods and sheets shapes.Do you need any further information? Please, fill in the form below, we’ll get you back soon.
Polyamide resin semifinished products don’t have nor glass transition temperature nor melting temperature, neither at an operating temperature of 480° C.Good mechanical properties and great electrical and thermal isolating properties.
It is the most temperatures resistant plastic material. It presents a great dimensional stability and good mechanical and chemical features.It can be used at a continuous service temperature of 345° C, up to 540° C for short period.
Translucent material with good chemical strenght and low hygroscopicity. FDA approved, it can be sterilised in autoclave.Suitable for food and pharmaceutical industry.
Cross – linked styrene obtained by casting. Great electrical insulation, microwaves resistance and low coefficient of dissipation. Material is rigid and transparent.Transparent and rigid, it is used in making X ray and microwaves machines
Amorf material with lowest level of flammability and Low Smoke and Toxic Gas Emission. Excellent microwaves and radiations strenght. FDA Compliance.Isolating parts for high voltage, microwaves system components.