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cmp - engineering plastics

Production of plastic materials

C MP, is an Italian company specialized in the production of semi-finished plastic products, specializes in the extrusion of Rods, Tubes and Sheets in Polyamide Nylon PA 6, Acetalica POM-C, and Polyethylene PEHD. It is present on the world market with a product range and efficiency among the most qualified.
The technical knowledge, the research and the experience gained in the production of semi-finished products take us into a primary position among the companies of this sector. "Quality" and "service" are the firsts targets of CMP srl.
Our technicians and our staff are all focused on the constant improvement products quality and services offered. Continuous monitoring during the production cycle guarantees the highest quality standards. Moreover, thanks to the particular structure, the organizational and production times are particularly reduced, and deliveries are made quickly.
CMP srl offers the materials and practical knowledge needed to create a quality product.
CMP srl provides extensive technical and product development support. We are committed to providing the best value at the best price. Thanks to our process, in addition to standard sizes we can also produce customized semi-finished products, cuts and finished parts.
CMP srl has introduced in this sector innovative and exclusive technologies regarding the transformation of standard technical plastics, which allow it to boast exclusive production processes, all with the utmost respect for the environment.

C.M.P srl materials increase performance and durability infact all our products are defined as stabilizers. A special computerized system - developed in collaboration with the sector engineers - along with dedicated technologies guarantee a stabilization and an optimal treatment of the products up to now never applied, with high quality standards. Our products, following the treatment received, acquire excellent workability and dimensional stability. Due to their exceptional characteristics and the excellent physical, mechanical, aeronautical, naval, chemical, electrical, construction, food, advertising, etc. properties : the raw materials used are approved by the main production companies and the quality is continuously examined. Our products are made from electrical material, FDA and EC certified,
In addition to the quality of the products, the company is ISO 14001 certified.


From the Production Department, passing through the warehouse, until the Logistics Department, all of this fills our days.


Our Company is ISO 14001 certified

During our growing process we have been careful to implement all the necessary environmental protection strategies. Guaranting firts quality product without environmental conservation would have been morally and etically wrong. ISO 14011 certification represents an added piece that characterises all our activities, from production process to the relationship with customers.